How to feel Presence?


(Una hermosa meditación transcrita de Mooji)

How to feel Presence? – It is yourSelf if you are not
occupied with things to do. Just Now you can leave these things aside: all your personal concerns. Empty yourself of all thoughts, from past and future. Can you do it?  It is not difficult: anybody can do it. Leave everything. Even if something is coming back, just ignore it; don’t engage with it.

Just do this: empty, empty, and don’t be expecting something new. Do this Now. Not be waiting for anything. Just empty yourself of all intentions, all opinions. Don’t go to memory. Completely leave everything. Be empty. You don’t have to imagine. Simply don’t engage with anything. Whatever you can imagine or think or see, don’t engage, and simply be empty of everything.

What is here? – Something quiet, transparent. This is Presence: is not different from you. It is always there, underneath all thoughts and actions: the Feeling of Being. Nobody gave it to you. It doesn’t go away and come back (but in deep sleep this Sense of Presence becomes even more subtle).

Universal Consciousness: no thinking, no duality, and yet you exist. In waking state the Sense of Presence is always here. It is the mind that gets disturbed with the person that you think you are. Because it imagines itself to be a particular person living in a particular context, and that that is the fact of your existence, whereas the truth is that all these things are changing all the time, especially when you are aware of Yourself as this (pointing the Heart) State of Presence.

The exercise is to leave aside all things for a moment to be more aware of your Presence, which is always with you. Pay attention to this, enjoy be One with it, and you’ll find that you don’t have to plan your existence, that it simply unfolds spontaneously, and your life will be more kind, without fear.

But you’ll have to adjust to this New Way of Being, and choose this consciously, because all the habits and tendencies will try to come back. And so, your spiritual practice is not to go with them: is not to do something new, but to stop going with the old habits. Because true being is not so much about doing, but more an inner quality of stillness, where your ability to perceive is much wider, less personal, more universal. The Consciousness wants to open itself to this universality. But our conditioned mind wants to go back to a smaller life: a life through habit rather than spontaneity. To plan, to think all mentally, as teaches education It all comes from fear and ignorance: a legacy from those who love us but are not awake to themselves.

Some planning is necessary in life, some organization, some structures, but these structures should also support a spontaneity, they should not be so rigid, there should be a harmony that the human mind is not capable, because it’s a very limited way of functioning. So the real evolution is from person to Presence: a wider expression of consciousness, wide, loving, unafraid, happy.


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