Sobre el Renacimiento (Rebirthing): interesante texto de Leonard Orr

1 – Intelligent Energy – Shiva Shakti – takes care of us when we are not looking.

2 – This intelligent Energy is the Source of all body cells and atoms.

3 – This Intelligent Energy can heal anything, when we get our mind – our negative thoughts, beliefs, and feelings out of the way.

4 – Changing our thoughts and beliefs is easy. It just takes a little work with affirmations.  We are in charge of our own minds.

5 – It is fun to be a young immortal.  In the immortality game, young extends until we are at least 1000.  We are still a beginner until we are at least 500. I am only a young immortal now.

6 – Immortality takes no effort.  Killing ourselves takes effort.  We have to be immortal to kill the body.  I choose the perfection and health of my amazing body.

7 – Intelligent Energy is the building block of the universe and the perfection of my body.

8 – Everything in the universe responds to thought.  I only have good thoughts.

9 – The whole of Spirit is present in every point of time and space, which means we are 100% Spirit all the time and forever.

10 – Physical immortality means to incorporate the body into the conscious Life of the Eternal Spirit.  The infinite, Eternal Spirit is always protecting and healing my body.

11 – We cannot become immortal because we are already immortal – forever – regardless of what we think or believe.  My Divine Nature is always renewing and balancing my perfection.

12 – Our natural divinity is the good news of our salvation.  We can relax and be It.  We can relax and express it – forever.  It is the perfection of Spirit, Mind, and Body in balance.

13 – We are an artistic Self-expression of Divine Intelligent Energy.

14 – Intelligent Energy becomes what it thinks about, high quality thoughts means a high quality Life.

15 – I enjoy choosing wholesome thoughts that are in harmony with the Substantive Qualities of my Divine Nature – which is the Infinite, Eternal Spirit.

16 – Some of these qualities are: Love, power, peace, beauty, joy, harmony, order, truth, wisdom, success, movement, prosperity and abundance of all kinds, aliveness, enthusiasm, goodness, satisfaction, completion, pleasure, self-control, change and transformation is beautiful, patience, security and safety, responsibility, reliability, dependability, relaxation,  high quality rest, good nutrition, fire, water, air, earth, the sun, the moon, the stars,  sunshine and rain, energy, fulfillment, conscious community, political participation, good religion, education and self-improvement, rich knowledge, gentleness, acceptance, balance, appropriateness, flow, appreciation and gratitude, efficiency, self-sufficiency, forgiveness, grace, poise, perfect digestion, perfect existence, perfect consciousness, perfect bliss, circulation, health, ability, excellence, sophistication, simplicity, faithfulness, loyalty, expressive, free, honest, calm, are some of our Divine qualities.

17 – We have so many more Divine Qualities and Abilities such as: beautiful loving sensuality, vision, fellowship, intimacy, calmness, exuberance, aesthetics, colorful, playful, empathetic, supportive, solitude and participation, delicious, subtle, pure, generous, chaste, virtuous, ancient and young, full of light, merciful, just, mastery, vulnerable, firm and flexible, strength, vigorous, heroic, authentic, deserving all, source of science, the essence, ordinary, physical, spiritual, visible and invisible, transformative, manifesting and un-manifesting, steady, transcendence, objective, the ability to dematerialize things, humor, protection, nourishing, healing, sustainable, lovely, Oneness and Multiplicity, observant, intuitive, and creative.

18 – As the practical knowledge and expression of our natural divinity expands, physical immortality becomes more inevitable and accessible to everyone.

19 – My love and joy of life enables me to celebrate my everlasting life forever.

20 – Eternal life is almost automatic.   My body is always an expression of the perfection of Life.

21 – Life is a continuous celebration.  I am enjoying my daily perfection.

22 – Life and safety supports me whether I notice it or not.  I am receiving it.

23 – Happiness is spontaneous.  I am a beautiful expression of Eternal Life.

24 – Goodness and peace are inevitable.  I enjoy sharing it.

25 – I enjoy being surrounded by goodness and beauty.  I enjoy giving them also.

26 – I am supported by brilliant and competent people.  I love them.

27 – My open mindedness leads me to truth.  I am innocent and good.

28 – I always choose wisely.  I benefit myself and others.  Rewards come easily.

29 – All my beautiful true thoughts become Angels that protect and guide me daily.

30 – I am young and strong.  Living is very pleasurable.

31 – I have internal validation which automatically produces external validation.

32 – I have an infinite supply of creativity and support.  Goodness is everywhere.

33 – Spiritual purification practices with earth, air, water, fire, relationships, and mantra make eternal life easy and continuously fulfilling.

34 – I have an abundance of everything available to me.  I can choose it and use it if I like.

35 – Enlightenment is natural.  My mental and physical abilities are amazing.

36 – Heaven on earth is inevitable, we are living in the age of Truth, Love, and Simplicity.   I am expanding it everywhere.

37 – People who believe in war get together and kill each other, then peace becomes inevitable.  Innocence is always protected.

38 – The words physical immortality are entering everyone’s vocabulary.  More and more people are supporting it and learning spiritual enlightenment, spiritual purification, and spiritual community, which is basic adult education.  Children receive the benefit of this.

39 – I have enough goals to keep me busy for the next 5000 years.  They are wonderful goals that everyone enjoys participating in and supporting.

40 – I am thankful for the extent that democracy still exists.  I am willing to make it work better.  I am a participating and responsible citizen.  The government is always supporting me.

41 – Neighborhood representation is such a good idea, I enjoy studying it and expanding it.  NR means one elected full time representative for every 1000 people, who then meet in each political district with their higher elected officials for each district.  It creates a monthly cycle of communication between all of our elected representatives and all citizens.

42 – I now have a perfect diet to support my health and aliveness.

43 – God invented the universe and eternal life, I am enjoying it forever, or as long as it exists.  As long as I keep choosing my individual artistic expression of Life, God will give me the right and ability to survive even the dissolution of the universe.  He heals me until I am perfect.

44 – I am enjoying eternity now.  My perfection exists and expands today and everyday.

45 – God supports my personal mastery.  Spirit maintains my perfection.

46 – I enjoy expressing myself physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Life is a ball.

47 – Death rightly understood supports Life, death is the principle of change and renewal.  The two basic functions of the mind are to create and destroy.  If we couldn’t destroy the undesirable conditions that we have created, we would be trapped in them forever.  Death and negativity may be the unconscious or misuse of our destructive power.  But this destructive power can be used for healing and all kinds of good things.  It is the source of all recycling industries.  I am now using the power of mind for goodness – for truth, simplicity, and love.  The renewal principle in my body forever maintains its balance, health, perfection.

48 – My natural divinity is enough.  I am enough and I do enough to benefit.

49 – It is ok with me if everyone lives forever, or peacefully dies as a means of leaving the planet.

50 – My natural divinity is always operating, I determine the content of it.  Thoughts in harmony with the substantive qualities of the Infinite, Eternal Spirit are good for our health and happiness.  High quality thoughts, high quality memories, high quality feelings, yield a high quality Life.  There is no physical death for those who love Life.

51 – Babaji says, “I am one with you and you are one with Me.”   As we experience this and learn from Him, He can teach us more and more abilities.  Babaji, the Eternal Spirit in human form is our example and Eternal Friend.  Our relationship with Him is what eternal life is all about.  Being close to Babaji is the ultimate pleasure and the Source of all Goodness.

52 – Babaji, even while in physical form, tries to liberate us from materialism.  Do we love Babaji?  He says, “Work is worship. Loving others and serving them is worshipping God.”  Giving the words physical immortality and spiritual purification to others is service.  These words tend to induce spiritual enlightenment and spiritual community.

53 – My personal mastery increases my freedom.

Truth, Simplicity and Love,
Leonard D. Orr

(L. Orr es quién acuña en los años ’70 el término Rebirthing para ese camino de crecimiento personal que él crea en base a enseñanzas tradicionales del Kriya Yoga, un aspecto del Pranayama hindú, arte análogo al Chikung extremoriental).

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